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A complete blood count contains essential substances like red blood cell count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Platelet counts and white blood cell count. White blood cells have a fundamental function that is to fight against infections caused by bacteria and others germs in the body. The WBC count helps you to detect the hidden ailments and infections in the body. The results of the blood test will then describe the WBC normal range.

WBC normal range

Functions of WBCs:

WBCs are also known as leukocytes, and they strengthen your immune system. These cells originate in the bone marrow and then the circulation is made to the entire bloodstream. The major types of WBCs include Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Eosinophils, Monocytes, and Basophils.

The WBC count is calculated through a test which tells the number of white blood cells in the body. The CBC, which is the complete blood count, explains you about WBCs normal range. There are different range and percentages of the five types of white blood cells. Another important thing to consider is that the ranges may be different for infants, adults, men and women.

On your physical examination, the doctor comes to know about the normal range of white blood cells through the complete blood count test. The people who complain about headaches, aches, fever or chills need to undergo this test. The doctors then get alerted when there are immune deficiencies or disorders in the blood.

WBC normal range

The procedure of WBC counts test

Once the doctor has asked you to go for this test, then you will go to the lab technician who draws your blood sample to know about the white blood cells count. You need to take an appointment there to avoid any inconvenience. The blood is received from the vein in your arm or at the back of your hand. It is the discomfort of few seconds and once the sample is received its OK. After that in the lab, the results are to be calculated.

WBC normal range

The WBC normal range

On average, the normal range of white blood cells ranges between 4,500-10,000 per microliter. When the test results are higher or lower than this range, then it is considered as an abnormal test result. The age factor plays a vital role in this examination as the white blood cells count in higher in infants as compared to adults. The higher or lower range shows that there is blood disorder, bone marrow disease, cancer or may be any other serious medical condition. After that, the doctor will take several other tests to know about the exact cause of an ailment, its symptoms and the treatment for it.

WBC normal range

The higher WBC count

When the range of white blood cells is greater than the ideal level then it shows that various problems can be associated with it like it can be due to allergy, leukemia, trauma, and bacterial infections or because of any inflammatory disease.

WBC normal range

The lower WBC count

When the percentage of white blood cells is lower than the ideal level, then it means that this condition may be due to the disorder of the immune system, bone marrow function, and viral infections or because of any drug allergy.

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