Toe Nail Designs for Chic Look in 2017

Fashion and glamor are two sides to remain in check with current trends. Women in this domain are known for creativity, lurking on to the flavors of exciting summers and winters. Nail colors of wide variety and texture help in drawing attention in the disco lights, parties, and even casual meetups. Females who have good aesthetic sense dwell more comfortably with the blends and combinations of colors. And these, when are applied on toe nails brings a sensual feel of being wanted. Contrary to the toe nail designs and colors, also effect the persona one carries with zeal and zest.

toe nail designs

Toe Nail Designs Summer 2017

Being a woman, we tend to ramp our perfectly pedicured feet with high heels. Designs on the toe nails bring out chic and catchy look representing personality in just one look. Yeah, we know you must be wondering which patterns make the others head turn and look at your feet. For the ease, we have assorted best toe nail designs for this year, 2017.

Toe Nail Designs

However, prior to that, these guidelines will definitely help you in selecting colors and patterns to compliment your attire as well as overall identity.

Basic Guidelines about Colors and Designs

Naturally, peculiar patterns and designs are much powerful source of attraction. As of the fact that common ones don’t get an instant attention. Keeping that in mind, you must follow your own styles with a tinge of what defines you as you – an individual with strength. For that, many females like to go a bit off beat.

toe nail designs

That is why they use shout colors with very prominent designs; that could be from reefs to shells, diamonds to shimmers, basic colors to neon ones. Why do they follow these designs and colors? Well, it is because, in this way in particular is to get the sense of being who they are – different and unique from others.

Light shades go really well with one grade darker tones. Likewise, black with white makes a perfect combination. Dark base with shimmer of any color gives a very subtle look. Being a noob in nail art, you must give ample time to try out various colors, their shades, patterns, and designs.

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Toe Nail Art Designs Step By Step

Here are three easy DIY (do-it-yourself) nail art methods which make your feet look way prettier than naked – without any pattern or color. Casual look, in the latest trendy design without any hard core technicality involved. Simple to the extent that anyone can do it on her own.

toe nail designs

Toe nail designs for beginners

What will matter is neatness, and for that we have given tips right under each idea, giving an edge to the beginners. However, we recommend you applying it several times and practicing enough to carry yourself with confidence in any gathering.

toe nail designs

Ladybird pattern with exact real colors

Teenagers love vibrant colors with the power dose of unique designs. When you will see the nail art for teenagers, many types of ideas will pop up. Below is the entire procedure about how to paint your nails in the ladybird theme.

toe nail designs

Material needed

  • Red nail color
  • White nail color
  • Hair pin aka bobby pin
  • Black nail color
  • Masking tape
  • Nail color remover
  • Wooden toothpick


  • First of all clean nails with the help of nail color remover.
  • Then, cut masking tape and stick it all around your nail. Not on it but around to let the access nail color remain on the tape and not on the skin. This is how we keep nails away from being messy.
  • The second step is to apply red nail color. Let it try and apply the second coating.
  • Once it is dry, take toothpick, and paint it with black nail polish. And then, without shaking your hand, place it in the center of the nail. Let it be there for few seconds and then remove it carefully.
  • Again, let it dry for few minutes. After which, you take bobby pin, use the ball part to make dots. Dip it in the black color and apply dots carefully.
  • To make the head, paint the crown of nail with black color.
  • Last but not the least, take another hair pin and make two dots on it.
  • Let it dry for at least five minutes and remove masking tape.

toe nail designs

Some other designs are not only sober for aged women who want to keep themselves maintained with the current trends. But also make sense to kids who won’t look nice with ugly designs. Those are mentioned below in detail.

Neat dots with light nail color

Very light colors look just too amazing on little kids and teenagers. In fact, it would not be wrong if we say these colors in the lightest tones of different shades make anyone look just too sober and neat. Yeah, that is another question or point to ponder whether messy nails look good or not. Well, for sure they don’t look good but what we are here, trying to say is, certain ways of applying them makes it off the ground sort of unique. For example, the picture of a baby blue with black dots gives a very neat look.

Material you will need

  • Blue nail paint/ color
  • Black nail paint/color
  • Tape
  • Hair pin with a ball at one end (bobby pin)

Methodology of applying paint

  1. Cut tape in such a way that it covers half of the nail diagonally. Also apply tape all around the nail to give a neat look.
  2. Then paint all nails with light blue nail color.
  3. Let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  4. Remove the tape. Dip pin in the white nail color. Apply it on the line diagonally.
  5. In the end, let it dry and give a coating of nail shiner.
  6. Variations can be done too by mixing a very little portion of glitter.

toe nail designs


We discussed about toe nail designs which are not only chic for teenagers or infants but equally fascinating for old women.



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