22 Amazing Strawberry Blonde Hair Shades for 2017

Strawberry blonde is becoming the talk of the town. Strawberry blonde hair is amongst the trendy hair color for 2017.

The variation in the color brings out some fancy yet pretty color hues that look fabulous on all. Many celebrities have turned their hair blonde and they choose this trendy shade as it looks hip and cool.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Girls never wanted to look the same always. So, changing hair color is one of the options to try out new looks. Here you can find over 20+ different variations for strawberry blonde colors with cool, neutral or warm hues.

Unique Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blond hair color may or may not look flattering on everyone. As you need to consult with a hair stylist who can suggest you the best hues for strawberry blonde hair look.

As it names suggest, it is not the color of strawberries rather it is a blonde hair color with a reddish -pink tint. For ladies with a tan skin or who have medium to dark brown hair can opt for a warmer dark strawberry blonde hair. This shade comes in a variety of hues so just look over our collection of some of the amazing strawberry blonde shade that are rocking this season.

  • #1. Isla Fisher
  • #2. Rose Gold Hair Color
  • #3. Deborah Ann Woll
  • #4. Reddish Pink Hair Color
  • #5. Strawberry Blonde Balayage
  • #6. Golden Shade with Pink
  • #7. Eve Strawberry Blonde Hair
  • #8. Red Copper Color with Layered Haircut
  • #9. Angled Retro Waves with Strawberry Blonde Shade
  • #10. Pink Highlight with Strawberry Blonde Hairs
  • #11. Blonde Streaks or Highlights
  • #12. Natural Striking Hairstyle
  • #13. Dark Roots Blonde Hair
  • #14. Ombre Hair Looks
  • #15. Orange Peach Hair Color
  • #16. Seamlessly Blended Hair
  • #17.  Updo Strawberry Blonde Hairs
  • #18. Highlights and Low lights Blonde
  • #19. Platinum Blonde Hair
  • #20. Copper Blonde Hair Color
  • #21. Curls with Blonde Hair Color
  • #22. Layered Hair with Blonde Highlights

#1. Isla Fisher Strawberry Blonde Hair

Isla Fisher opts for a strawberry blonde hair color that emphasizes the gold undertones. The sleek wave’s amp up the look as the light refracts golden color.

Isla Fisher

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/530650768564957619/

#2. Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold hair color Rose gold hair shade is trending in 2017. It is more subtle in nature in contrast to the vibrant hues that we saw in 2016. The rose gold hair shade has taken social media by storm. The pink and red tones blended in the gold create a shimmering and eye soothing hair shade. This color is perfect for this season especially you are going to see some amazing rose gold blonde colors during springs and summer.

Rose Gold Hair Color

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/136022851223931296/

#3. Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll also picked a shade that contains soft pink undertones that blends well with her wavy hairstyle. The “Daredevil” actress has proven that strawberry blonde hair colors also looks flattering on red heads.

Deborah Ann Woll

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/491807221781744180/

#4. Reddish Pink Hair Color

Turning medium or dark brown hair into gold and to get the true unique reddish-pink undertones can be a bit complex hair job. These hues look great with a feathered haircut or a side swept bangs.

Reddish Pink Hair Color

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/363595369898325891/

#5. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde covers the reddish brown tones as well. You can choose a brown base color with red undertones. Go for a strawberry blonde balayage or highlights for a more striking look.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/strawberry-blonde-hair/

#6. Golden Shade with Pink

The rich natural hair color also looks gorgeous if blended with the golden shades with red, pink or reddish brown undertones. Use a quality hair product to protect the luster and shine of your hair to make them look more striking.

Golden Shade With Pink

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/138345019780576819/

#7. Eve Strawberry Blonde Hair

The darker roots gradually turning light till the end is another stunning look for this season. Celebrities such as Eve have rocked this look with her short dark strawberry blonde hair. She looks uber chic in contrasting dark hair roots.

Eve Strawberry Blonde Hair

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/strawberry-blonde-hair/

#8. Red Copper Color with Layered Haircut

Layered haircut strikes the pink or red gold tones that look stunningly beautiful. A copper hair color also flatters a brown skin tone. Overall, the layered hair cut looks amazing with this kind of texture and look of the hair.

Red Copper Color With Layered Haircut

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#9. Angled Retro Waves with Strawberry Blonde Shade

No hairstyle can compete with this angled retro waves, that looks one stunning hairdo. It recreates the vintage look by emphasizing the waves and natural strawberry blonde shade.

Angled Retro Waves With Strawberry Blonde Shade

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#10. Pink Highlight with Strawberry Blonde Hairs

A pro hairstylist will blend the pink hues seamlessly in the hair. It looks so natural that even it is difficult to identify the pink tones in hair. You can go for a strawberry blonde highlights or strawberry blonde base to rock this look.

Pink Highlight With Strawberry Blonde Hairs

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#11. Blonde Streaks or Highlights

A part from hints of pink in the streaks or highlights you can also choose a strawberry blonde base and add complimenting pink hues to the hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle can bring all the ahh-n-ohh moments for you.

Blonde Streaks

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#12. Natural Striking Hairstyle

Some ladies look for a low maintenance hair jobs as taking out time for dying the roots can be a cumbersome job. If you are one of those than go with this striking hairstyle that doesn’t need any maintenance at the top. The roots are dyed with your natural hair color and then gradually it blends the golden hues and highlights the strawberry tone.

Natural Striking Hairstyle

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#13. Dark Roots Blonde Hair

Another variant can be this trendy style that asks for red dark roots that becomes blonde till the end of hair. The long pastel strawberry shade looks great if you don’t want to cut your hair any shorter.

Dark Roots Blonde Hair

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#14. Ombre Hair Looks

Haven’t you forgotten Ombre hair look? The fashion trends of 2016 that will continue to evolve this year as well. Try strawberry blonde ombre look with a flicked out hairstyle that enhances the tints at the ends.

Ombre Hair Looks

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#15. Orange Peach Hair Color

Strawberry hair-do doesn’t just talk about reds or pinks! Orange and peach undertones look equally appealing and trendy for a shaggy hair job.

Orange Peach Hair Color

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#16. Seamlessly Blended Hair

When we talk about orange or peach undertones, remember that they shouldn’t look contrasting to your hair base color. They need to seamlessly blended and less noticeable.

Seamlessly Blended Hair

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#17.  Updo Strawberry Blonde Hairs

Red blonde hair flatters almost every skin tone. It looks soft and adds a delicacy to the look. You can make a romantic up do by curling all the hair with a wand and then tie or brush to flatter a wavy hair look.

Updo Strawberry Blonde Hairs

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#18. Highlights and Low lights Blonde

Hair colors can never be boring. With all the amazing hair tints, high lights and low lights techniques it becomes indispensable to try every look. Give a funky look to your style! You can’t look boring with such glamorous hair trends.

Highlights And Lowlights Blonde

Source; https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#19. Platinum Blonde Hair

Jazz up your looks with a punch of platinum blonde hair. The contrasting gold hues with deep dark roots can be your take for next hair job.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Source: https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/platinum-blonde-hair/

#20. Copper Blonde Hair Color

Copper blonde hair seems to be an evergreen hair shade. A dark shade base accompanying copper highlights or low lights always seem to be perfect match.

Copper Blonde Hair Color

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/stacylyn9/hair-color/

#21. Curls with Blonde Hair Color

Romantic curls with a strawberry blonde hair shade can create a stunning hair style. Accessories your hair do with some floral beads to make the most of this hair look.

Curls With Blonde Hair Color

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/blonde-curly-hair/

#22. Layered Hair with Blonde Highlights

The variety that this shade can create is amazing. Be it long layered hair, a medium shoulder length, or even a short bobby haircut, each and every hair length looks flattering when done the right job.  Even red hair with blonde highlights can look gorgeous.

Layered Hair With Blonde Highlights

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/blonde-dimensional-hair/

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