Pain in Back of Knee Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Some people experience behind knee pain and it causes discomfort for them. This pain occurs with or without movement of the knee and sometimes gets severe. Some people also complain pain in the back of knee while straightening their legs. According to them, pain is cause inflammation, discomfort, burning, stuffiness and soreness. You need to understand that it happens due to a number of problems. As we all know that knee joint is vulnerable to damage because it takes the weight of the whole body. When you get older or being overweight, you may experience this kind of pain. Sportsmen or athletes are the high risks of getting knee injuries. Here in this article, I would discuss the common causes of pain in the back of knee and how to recover from it.

pain in back of knee

What Causes Pain in back of knee?

Behind knee pain can be commonly associated with Baker’s Cyst and it is the buildup of synovial fluid in the knee. Synovial fluid is the fluid which lubricates joints and also reduces friction. Common symptoms associated with Baker’s Cyst include swelling, tightness and pain. These symptoms come and go but they don’t cause the long-term problem to the knee and patient recovers from it. It sometimes can be associated with arthritis as well.

pain in back of knee

Your knee pain may be associated with arthritis and sometimes inflammation due to arthritis. Common symptoms of this condition include morning stiffness, swelling and reduce leg movements. The pain gets worse in cold weather and it is most common over the age of 50 years. If you are overweight then you should reduce the weight and it will be OK. Treatment includes gel kneepads, cushioned footwear or injections. The bone weaken by arthritis can improve its function by proper care.

Knee sprain can be another cause of this condition and it is due to overstretching or tearing of ligament associated with the knee. The common symptoms include general pain or decreased movement around the area. The treatment of this kind of pain includes exercises or knee brace or medical treatments. The recovery from the sprain depends on the severity of the problem and it may take 2 to 3 weeks to completely recover from this problem. If you have other problems like Hamstring injury or posterior cartilage then it may take the longer time to recover from it.

pain in back of knee


You must notice that pain in the back of knee doesn’t mean that the problem is there but the problem can be at different places of knee such as at the front of knee so you must note down this fact. It is very important to accurately diagnose your pain so that you can get the right treatment. You should properly check your symptoms because sometimes it can be due to deep vein thrombosis in which blood clot occurs in leg and it is a serious life threatening condition. This condition can cause you heart attack or even stroke. So it is necessary that you should seek medical care.




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