Narrow Angle Glaucoma Causes And Treatment Options

By glaucoma, we mean that group of diseases in which the pressure inside both the eyes is raised which in turn damages the optic and retina in the eye. The function of the retina is to receive the rays of light from the front and transmit them via the optic nerve. Then they enter into the brain where these rays turn into images. If the retina or the optic nerve is damaged then a person can lose his vision. The major types of glaucoma include angle closure glaucoma, open and narrow angle glaucoma, congenital glaucoma, pigmentary glaucoma and secondary glaucoma.

In case the person is not treated timely then he may become blind. Glaucoma can be acute or severe. It is a silent disease in which constriction is the peripheral visual field is increased at a greater level that the patient is unable to see without knowing about this disease. The problem is basically in the eyes but your doctor will tell you the exact type of glaucoma which you are suffering from.

Narrow angle glaucoma

What is narrow angle glaucoma?

It is a serious eye disease that is inherited among people and usually the people suffering from farsightedness become a victim of this disease. It is most common among women with elder age. The people who are in their sixties have maximum possibly to get glaucoma in both the eyes. The risk factor increases with age.

What are the causes leading to narrow angle glaucoma?

There are various reasons that cause glaucoma in people. In this condition a person feels extreme sharp pain in the eyes. Whenever you feel the following conditions then you must rush to the doctor to get it treated otherwise you are likely to lose your vision.

  • Ciliary which is present behind the iris has production of fluid which is aqueous in nature. This aqueous can flow easily into the front chamber of the eye through the pupil. Once the papillary nerve is blocked when iris adheres then this blockage the iris is pushed forward that ultimately seals the drainage angle.
  • The condition when the pupil dilates under the dim lights is called iris plateau. This also causes glaucoma among people.
  • People suffering from diabetes and some eye problems have greater chances of getting glaucoma. So, diabetic patients should be aware of this thing.
  • The specific race like African-Americans is more likely to suffer from this disease. It starts at a younger age.
  • Age is another factor that leads to glaucoma. It means that you can get this disease as you grow
  • People with farsightedness have more chances of narrow angle glaucoma. As the age increases the risk also increases so have to be very careful.
  • If glaucoma is in your family history then you as a child will get it also. It will in your genes and as you grow up there are more chances that you will suffer from it.
  • When you have a tumor at the back of iris then the inflammation and swelling after detached retina surgery leads to glaucoma. In this situation, the shape of the eyes is altered.

Glaucoma is the fundamental cause of blindness around the world. It has no clear symptoms but the extreme pain and pressure in the eyes are unusual that you seriously feel visiting the doctor. If you don’t visit the doctor then within 3 to 5 days you will lose your vision.

Narrow angle glaucoma

Treatment options for narrow angle glaucoma

Every medical problem needs to be treated timely otherwise; it can cause severe damage if ignored. In the same way, if you are suffering glaucoma then you have to consult your doctor so that are saved from any lifetime damage.

Eye drops

When you feel pressure in the eyes then you can use eye drops. Aqueous humour which is produced in the eyes causes pain and irritation in the eyes. It is a basic treatment that you get when suffering from glaucoma. When the troubles increase, then you have to rush to the hospital at once. Eye drops are helpful to reduce the strong pressure in the eyes.

Narrow angle glaucoma

Beta blockers

The medicines for the treatment of glaucoma are beta blockers. It is one of the effective drugs for treating serious eye problems. It is the initial medication used but one must that it has side effects too. It contains bronchospasm which is not suitable for the patients of asthma. The smokers or people with breathing issues would not get help by using beta blockers. Some other drugs that relieve the suffering include prostaglandin and alpha adrenergic drugs which simply reduce the amount of aqueous humour produced in the eyes.

Narrow angle glaucoma


It is an ancient form of treatment derived from Chinese in which very fine needles are inserted at various body positions. In order to treat glaucoma naturally, you can adopt this method. There are evidence of improvement in vision but clear relief from pressure in the eyes is felt. However, the effective treatment lies with the doctor only.


The ultimate solution is to undergo surgery for glaucoma. It is a safe and effective way of treatment. The pain-free procedure should be preferred because there are no other ways of treating this disease. The recovery after the surgery is fast. You may feel redness or blurred vision for sometime but the condition will be improved within few weeks. It is a common treatment option chosen by many sufferers around the world otherwise delay may lose your vision permanently.

Narrow angle glaucoma

How can I save myself from narrow angle glaucoma?

It is nearly impossible to prevent glaucoma but there are some things you can do in order to protect your eyes. Diet is very important and if your diet doesn’t have the required vitamins and minerals then you get narrow angle glaucoma as well. The essential vitamins include Vitamin A, C, E and zinc are powerful boosters for the eyes and they can save from any severe eye disease including glaucoma but once you get this disease it is impossible to treat it unless you go for the surgery.

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