How Much Sugar Is In A Banana: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

How much Sugar is in a banana is a widely discussed topic and needs to be answered. Banana is a healthy fruit that provides quick energy to everyone. The bananas are low fat, with vitamin and mineral content in them. Another surprising benefit of bananas is that they are great to beat stress and also battles against depression in many people. Many people avoid eating bananas because they think that the sugar content in the banana will not suit their low-fat diet. When you use them in the form of snacks then they provide you with vitamins, fiber, minerals and also vitamin C. the studies show that the sugar naturally found in fruits in not going to harm you.

How much sugar is in a banana

How much Sugar is in a banana?   

A medium banana which is around 7-8 inches long and weighs approximately 118 grams contains sugars about 12 grams. The total calories count to 105. The sugar naturally present in banana is because of natural fructose. Many people eat the banana and prepare shakes with added sugar which is not considered as a healthy diet. But one thing to be noted is that fructose in banana is natural along with vitamins and nutrients, so it is safe for you, unlike added sugars.

How much sugar is in a banana

Consumption of sugar in daily life

Research in America shows that the people consumed about 22 teaspoons of sugar every day and this added sugar was the main reason for their obesity because the extra calories were unhealthy for them. The high blood pressure, inflammation and increased levels of triglycerides are some of the health problems due to added sugars in daily life.

Banana is much-consumed fruit, and many dieters who are conscious about weight gain think that bananas have carbs which cause weight gain. Just to sort out this misconception, bananas are a healthy diet. The people suffering from diabetes and some metabolic deficiencies remain conscious while eating bananas when ripe. So diabetics should opt green bananas along with some fat and protein which is sufficient to manage the levels of blood sugar. Now you must be able to know that how much Sugar is in a banana.

How much sugar is in a banana

Effective weight loss

You can get an excellent low-fat diet with bananas. You can lose weight effectively with bananas in your diet. They have a naturally sweeter taste and are a perfect way to fight the sugar cravings that you get in the afternoon. They have half the soluble fiber content which slow down digestions. It makes you feel full naturally so are saved from consuming extra calories.

How much sugar is in a banana

Good for Eye health

Banana has lots of health benefits and besides helping you to lose weight they are good for your eyes as well. Along with vitamin A, the fat soluble vitamin protects your eyes for their normal vision. When we talk about vitamin A, then we are talking about compounds like alpha carotene and beta carotene and both of these give light to the cornea. Bananas boost everyday vision and reduce the risk of night blindness.

How much sugar is in a banana

Healthy functioning of heart

Bananas in your diet provide nutrients to your body and in this, your heart functions normally. The potassium in a banana regulates the rhythm of your heart. So for a healthy heart, you need to have bananas in your daily diet.

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