How Many Calories Does A Banana Have?

Fruits are healthy with lots of nutritional facts. They are wonderful snacks for people who want to avoid junk food. People who don’t know that how many calories does a banana have will come to know about it, in this article. When we talk about the nutritional facts of banana then it is loaded with Vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin C, Copper, Fiber, and Biotin. This fruit gives you the energy to stay active and also saves from health problems like blood pressure and stroke. Here I discuss the calorie count and benefits of bananas in detail.

how many calories does a banana have

How many calories does a banana have?

On average one banana which is of 100 grams has around 89 calories. These calories are because of carbohydrates in it. The ripeness is one factor due to which the calorie count varies in a banana. The banana more yellow and ripe has more calories than a normal banana. When we talk about fruits then banana has most calories. The calories in banana depend on upon their size. The banana smaller in six like of six centimeters has around 75 calories. When the size goes on increasing then the calories also increase and reach to 100.

When you feel hungry and want to have some snacks then eating a banana as a snack is a wonderful diet plan. They give you the energy you need and one good thing about this fruit is that it digests very quickly. You can eat one or two bananas during your hectic day. The people who want to lose weight fast should go for a banana diet which is very effective. Along with exercise and weight loss diet, you can lose as much weight as you want. The people who get tired all day with work and are not interested in workouts then simply follow this diet to get good results.

how many calories does a banana have

How many calories does a banana have & its impact on diet

Many people don’t know how to include bananas in your diet. Taking bananas in the form of a banana smoothie or banana shake will not be weight loss diet as it doesn’t have the same amount of calories. The reason behind is that these foods have additional sugars in them which make it loaded with calories. So it is better to take it is plain form rather than with other items like sugar and milk. When you want to increase your metabolic rate then you should do more exercise and burn your body fats. When the metabolic rate becomes faster, then you burn more calories and need energy for your daily routine matters. These exercises will tone your body muscles and you look smarter than before.

how many calories does a banana have
When your day begins that eat 2 bananas in your breakfast. You should consume more water as well. Take lunch and dinner according to your diet plan. After lunch when you feel hunger then snacks of banana can do wonders. Be careful not to eat desserts and sweets with added sugars as they will increase your calories. Dinner has to complete at 8 and then you should go to bed. Never eat late at night as chips and soft drinks are simply extra weight you put on with a poor lifestyle. Make sure you give your digestive system enough time at night to take rest. Enough sleep at night helps you to control your weight and boosts the natural metabolic system of your body.

Bananas are secret of athletic power

You have seen that athletes love have a banana diet because it includes various minerals altogether. Eating banana is equal to drink with carbohydrates. It prevents from muscle cramps which athletes face during sports activity. You might feel happy and better by eating bananas. The mood swings are also improved as many people feel irritated. The fiber content in this fruit is enough to fulfill your daily requirements of fiber. The blood sugar levels are sustains and it is great to beat your curb cravings. People with poor vision can take help from bananas when the carrot is not available to them. This helps to protect your eyes and fight against the issues like the blurred vision which can be cured when you have healthy diet and lifestyle.

how many calories does a banana have
Bananas make you younger

The women will be pleased to know that bananas have beauty benefits as well. The peels of banana are good for the skin. They can be used in many ways and you look beautiful and youthful. Women who have skin acne and wrinkles should use the peels of this fruit with egg yolk. Acne forms when there is no oil control. A banana mask with honey and lemon juice is good to remove oil from your face. It tightens the skin and you look young. If there is no sunscreen available to you then you can have a natural sunscreen that is banana peels. You have to rub its peels under your eyes as they save your skin and eyes against UV rays. So everyone who wants to have a flawless and glowing skin must use bananas in diet and its peels as moisturizer and exfoliator.

how many calories does a banana have
Drawbacks of too much banana consumption

There are some drawbacks of consuming more bananas. Bananas make your metabolism faster. You have to control the lunch and dinner by yourself. The potassium accumulates throughout the day. When you want to lose your weight with bananas then you must know that how many calories does a banana have? When you eat more bananas, then the amount of potassium is your diet is increased which can be harmful to your health. The body triggers headaches and also sleepiness. It is because of more production of serotonin which triggers sleep. When you have an overdose of magnesium then sleepiness occurs. Tooth decay is another problem which occurs due to too much sugar in bananas. People get mad about losing weight with dangerous methods. Make sure you follow the ways which are safe and effective at the same time.

how many calories does a banana have

The use of pills and supplements do more harm and good. There are side effects of these medications. There are minerals, proteins, and nutrients in bananas that are why it makes you fit. Now you have enough information about the calories, vitamins and minerals in a banana so make sure you eat then according to the proper diet plan.

Updated: May 27, 2016 — 7:13 pm
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