17 Amazingly Gorgeous Haircut Styles For Black Men In 2017

When it comes to style and looks then men have become more eager to wear a trendy hairstyle. This seriousness towards haircuts and hairstyles has been noticed among men with every class. It is actually the right time to play with your hair because everything is a part of fashion these days and people accept the change very easily. Black men are equally concerned about their rich lock, that’s why there is an increased trend of cool haircut styles for black men. It’s not about the kind of haircut but it relies on how to manage and carry your style. A sophisticated hairstyle intensifies ones personality in a natural way.

Haircut Styles For Black Men

Well, I know it becomes very complicated to manage thick black hair but there is a vast collection of black men hairstyles which will give you a nice chance to pick any haircut and go for that right away. There is a feeling of delight when you keep your hair original no matter of what texture they are. Have that strength to wear an extraordinary black hairstyle because black men look adorable even in their simplest look. Now it’s your high time to show the world the thrill you have in your personality.

Short Haircut Styles For Black Men

As the texture of black men hair is curly so it is better to keep the hair shorter depending upon the choice you want to make. Short haircut is well managed and the hairs remain healthy and neat. There may be natural, dreadlocks, afro or tight curls. If you are very particular about your style then you can have some variation with short and long. These are some of the trendy short black men haircut styles.

  • #1. Mini Afro
  • #2. Lower Side Parted Taper
  • #3. Box Fade Cut
  • #4. Curly And Short
  • #5. Settled Wave Cut
  • #6. Naturally Quiff
  • #7. Long And Twisted
  • #8. Long Dread Locks
  • #9. Fade and Twisted
  • #10. Tapered Longer Locks
  • #11. High Skin Fade Haircut for Black Men
  • #12. Low Skin Fade
  • #13. Short Sponge Twists Style
  • #14. Surgical Line Fade
  • #15. Flat Top Style
  • #16. Edgy Hairstyles
  • #17. Clean Cut Style for Black Men

#1. Mini Afro

People with naturally curly hair should select the mini afro as this haircut keeps you relaxed without the worries of managing your curly hair. When it is the moment to style this cut then apply some hair gel to get the desired look with shorter hair.

Mini Afro Hairstyles

#2. Lower Side Parted Taper

The name tells us that this haircut has to do something with the side part. The side parts are kept deeper while there are clean maintained edges that give a unique style. If you are the kind of person willing to wear any strange and unique hairstyle then this style is right for you.

Lower Side Parted Taper Cut

#3. Box Fade Cut

The fade cut represents and calm and composed personality. It is a traditional hair appearance that has become popular once again. It is a simple style where the basic cut remains the fade and the hairs resemble the box shape but remain set. People who have vast social circle are comfortable to wear this hairstyle.

Box Fade Cut

#4. Curly And Short

The natural curls in the hairs are kept short in this haircut. Usually the teenagers show their interest in this kind of style because they have no time to set the hair again and again. So they feel comfortable in wearing the short and curly hairstyle.

Curly And Short Hairstyles

#5. Settled Wave Cut

The settled wave cut is one of the professional haircut styles among black men these days. It gives a classic look and the people belonging to business class have to try this haircut. It creates an impact because everything is so neat and well defined. In case of some added style then you can use little amount of pomade and then brushing your hair with bristle brush to have the adorable look.

Settled Wave Cut Hairstyles

Long Haircut Styles For Black Men

Apart from the issues of managing the hair, black men seem to be interested in having longer hair. It is not so much difficult because you only have to take a good care of your long textured locks. There are some other kind of people who previous had short hair and now they want to get the admirations of people by experiencing a long hairstyle. Always ensure that the length of hair has to be medium long otherwise you will face problems in managing them. These glamorous long haircuts will add to your surprise that you can also look as handsome as celebrities wearing these hairstyles.

#6. Naturally Quiff

This adorable hair look demands longer hair so that quiff may look eye catching. In case of thick voluminous hair, it is a wonderful idea to have pomade added to the quiff. It will become a new trend for fashion lovers to stand out in the crowd.

Natural Quiff Hairstyles

#7. Long And Twisted

Keeping the hair twisted has been a significant practice of black men. When the twists go a little longer than the usual then a new look is formed. The longer twisted hair are little difficult to make. First of all divide your hair into four sections when they are wet. Now begin the pomade. Now twist all the four sections to get a uniform look. There you go with long and twisted style.

Long And Twisted Hairstyles

#8. Long Dread Locks

This kind of hairstyle has been popular among the movie stars who leave a strong impression in the minds of viewers. The fans also become interested in such a hairstyle. But it is not as easy to achieve as it seems. You have to wait patiently till your hairs are longer. When achieved the right length, it’s the time to have dread locks. This style is manageable and trendy as well.

Long Dread Locks Hairstyles

#9. Fade and Twisted

The fade cut, itself is very pleasing to the eyes but if you want some thrill to this cut then go for twists along with the fade. Make sure the hair grow to a fine length and then fade should be achieved when side hairs are brushed in upward direction and then twisted.

Fade And Twisted Haircut

#10. Tapered Longer Locks

With a taper haircut, the hair stylist makes shorter edgy sides but when these hairs become longer then the tapered reaches to a new level. The sides may be clean cut but it all depends upon the person. So being an experimenter, this style will do wonders with your naturally thicker locks. The length may vary from person to person because longer hairs at times become tough to manage.

Tapered Longer Locks Haircut

#11. High Skin Fade Haircut for Black Men

High Skin Fade

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/black-men-haircuts/

#12. Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/black-men-haircuts/

#13. Short Sponge Twists Style

Short Sponge Twists

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/373869206551602658/

#14. Surgical Line Fade

Surgical Line Fade

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/302726406184951818/

#15. Flat Top Style

Flat Top Style

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/black-men-haircuts/

#16. Edgy Hairstyles

Edgy Hairstyles

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/334533078549117067/

#17. Clean Cut Style for Black Men

Clean Cut Style

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/black-men-haircuts/

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