French Braid – The Ultimate Guide

The braided style first has been used in a Greek art carved on the stone, almost six thousand years ago. The word “French Braid” was first used by Arthur’s Home Magazine in the 18th century. The magazine describes it as a new hair style but unfortunately there is no visual illustration in the context of making this style. In French, the hair style French braid is called “tresse francaise”. If we are talking about the origin of French Braid, then the place is called North Africa. People have seen other waring the plaited for thousands of years ago. This hairstyle is one of the most popular invention and almost use in every part of the world.

French Braid


French braid is a hairstyle that includes the three sections of the hair that are twisted altogether from the skull cap of the head to the back of the person’s neck. The French braid is also called French plait in most part of the world. There are many variations in this hairstyle but most common are Dutch braid and Fishtail braid.

How To Make French Braid

Now let’s discuss the simplest form of the French braid. The braid can be formed with three parts of the hair. The hair is divided into three equal sections, together near the scalp of the head and then adding the smaller section of the hair to each section, which crosses the side into the center of the braid structure. The final product looks like a smooth wavy pattern as shown in the image.

How To Make French Braid


If in the initial process, the hair is divided into three or more sections along the scalp that re kept separated from one another, Multiple French braid can be created at each section. The most important feature of the French braid is that one can create this braid of their own without the help of the others. While on the other hand, the person can face difficulty in making braid depending upon the type and the condition of the hair.  Some braided styles are easier to make than other.

The length of the hair also plays a vital role in making the smooth and perfect French braid. One can face difficulty if someone has shorter hair. For shorter hair boob pin or hair pin are used to make the perfect French braid and to keep are the section of the hair in the right place.

Advantages of Using French Braid

when you compare simple hair style with the French braid you notice that the French braid will retain your hair from the top of the head till the neck. It will hold the smallest and the longest hair in it and hold them all within it till the end of the day. Your hair does not look messy or crinkly.

French Braid


One can also make different hairstyle in French braid but it is also difficult to make because of the complexity when performing on your own hair. It also requires a long uplift of the hands that goes at the back of the head and leaves more tangled and messy hair along the scalp when unbraiding.

Types of French Braid

There are mainly three types of French braid. But all of the three types are difficult to make, if you are a beginner then the French paid will give you pretty much hard time. If you practice it ever day, then it seems like a piece of cake to you. However, let’s discuss some French braid style and step by step guide on how to make them.

  • The classical French Braid
  • Fishtail braid
  • French braided pigtail

Now let’s discuss each type of French braid one by one.

The Classical French Braid

  1. Always start by brushing your hair with some smooth brush and remove ant knot if you are using. Now use your fingers and make two-inch sections of your hair on the scalp.The Classical French Braid
  2. Now use your hair and divide it into three parts and start braiding by crossing each section in your right hand over the section in the middle. The right hand should now be in the middle, now cross the left section over the middle. The middle section should be on the left now.
  3. Keep the hair tight by pulling each section from each other.Horizontally part your hair by using your finger. And cross them over the middle one.
  4. Now put this section into the original position and just cross the right section over the middle one. The hair that you have braided in your right hand, separate them horizontally by using your left index finger.
  5. Now Repeat the Steps 3 and 4 using the next section of hair.
  6. To do a traditional braid one has to altering the right section over the middle section or altering the left section over the middle and loosen the inches of hair. Use elastic band after finishing.

Fishtail Braid

  1. Divide your hair into two section. Now take the right/ left side of the section and twisted this section over your head scalp as shown in the image.Fishtail Braid
  2. With the help of the com try to separate the ½ inch section and then place it below the first section. Then repeat step 1 and combine them.
  3. Now Continue adding ½ inch pieces of your hair and place it with the layer above it. Use hair pin or bobby pin to keep the hair in fixed position.
  4. After that Repeat 3 gain and do twisting.
  5. After twisting when you have reached at the back of your neck. Take the right side of your hair and hold right and left side together in two separate sections.
  6. Now take the right section and add ½ inch of your hair to the left section.
  7. Repeat the step 6 until you reached at the ends and tie it with an elastic or use hair spray and pad down

 French Braided Pigtail

  1. In order to make this style, one has to wet her hair, and use a little amount of frizz control serum on your scalp.French Braided Pigtails
  2. Now use any comb and brush your hair. Let the hair be to dry and make sure that your hair is not completed dry. It should be partially dry. Bu doing this making braid would be easier for you.
  3. Take the comb and at the center make of your scalp divided your hair into two parts and it goes till the back of your neck.
  4. Tie one-part section of your hair with an elastic band and start making a braid on the other section. On the other side, follow the and secure with an elastic.
  5. Now remove the elastic band and repeat this step on the other section that you have tied with a band.
  6. After you are finished, use hairspray on your hair or braid and pat down.
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