25 Phenomenal Crochet Hairstyle Looks That Will Blow Your Mind

The beauty of braided hairstyle will back again! This hairstyle look is loved by all. Women with naturally curly hair are attracted towards crochet braids because they are easy to make and don’t hurt your hair at all. Women who are thinking to change their looks should consider this look. Here I have a collection of 25 wonderful crochet hairstyle looks that will blow your mind.

25 Crochet Hairstyles That Will Give You Catchy Looks!

1. Short Bob With a Side Part

It is one of the admired short crochet hairstyles that look very sober when your short hair when styled with side partition. It defines for style along with framing your face. In order to add some softness, you can wear a side parted short bob hairstyle.

Short Bob Braids


2. Modern Twists With Headpiece

Now you will see very modern crochet braided hairstyles and this is one of them. The hairs look very natural and the style is enhanced by wearing a headpiece. Women who hesitate to center part their hair should try this one because here the centre part is not visible because of a stunning headpiece. This is one of crochet braid hairstyles that has something innovative and style together.

Modern Twists With Headpiece


3. Perfectly Natural

You must style your natural twists with this amazing look. The twists will go with any classy outfit. The best thing about this hairstyle is that requires low maintenance. The extensions look super natural making you a perfect beauty. Another good way is to wear his look with black lustrous twists.

Perfectly Natural Braids


4. Thick Crochet Braid Hairstyle

There are black women who want to have an extra fluff in their hair. They want to have such a style that appears thick. So you can wear this style to flaunt your thick crochet hairstyle. It is a very inspiring hairstyle that suits the hair texture of black women a great deal.

Thick Crochet Braid Hairstyle


5. Fluffy Twists

Adding some extra volume to your natural twists is to go for this fluffy hairstyle. Then the hairs are dyed with bold hues then the flares look flawless. The hairs look voluminous than ever. Many women prefer dirty brown shade which says it all with this hairstyle. So this is something smarter than the normal twists.

Fluffy Twists Braids


6. Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

This hairstyle is a wonderful way to tell you that you can look most beautiful with crochet braided hairstyle as there are bangs with this style. This becomes more outclass because bangs will make your face softer. In this way the curls will get a proper direction. The extensions are cute with bangs.

Curly Hairstyle With Bangs Braids


7. Short and Bouncy

If you are a person avoid lengthy twists then this short and bouncing hairstyle is right for you. The crochet hair twist appears bouncy so that you can feel relaxed. The short hair braided look goes well with any formal outfit you wear because this type of hair need low maintenance.

Short Crochet Braids Hairstyles


8. Fringed Braided Side Part Hairstyle

There you go with trendy look with these braids. The fringes are adorable with these smooth twists. The side part adds sophistication to the entire hairstyle. Even you will feel your hair to be voluminous than before. Big or small curls are up to you but I would suggest you to go for big voluminous curls for this fringed braided hairstyle.

Braided Fringe Hairstyles


9. Bob Hairstyle With a Twist

The trend of bob hairstyle will never go down and here it is back with crochet hairstyle. The curly bob looks very cute and mostly black teenage girls are attracted towards this style. Anyone can enjoy this hairstyle and it is the simplest style for women who don’t know how be too much creative with styling the hair. There is simplicity along with smartness.

Short Twist Braids


10. Side Parted Hairstyle Using Crochet Braids

Here is the most selected hairstyle among women. When you are rushing to the office and no time to make a stylish hairstyle then it is a best option. You can side part your braids and to be trendy there can be any hair accessory used on the shorter side. A bright shade of lipstick is there to complete the look. So to be eye catching this type of hairstyle is the best option.

Side Part Box Braids


11. Thick Spiral Hairstyle

Spiral hairs are the look of those women who have greater level of confidence in them. It is the right of every woman to look beautiful and different from others. To have spirals with trendy hue of your hair is something definitely admired by everyone as you need no investment for this.

Thick Braids


12. Free Trees Crimple Look

Once you have a look at this hairstyle then you will say that is made for black women due to its uniqueness. It also required very little maintenance. In order to stand out in the crown, you should definitely try it out. The smoothness of the style is from top to bottom without any flaw. I would recommend going for it right now.



13. Ombre Red Hairstyle

With ombre color who would familiar but the additional red color gives it a unique appearance. Your crochet hairstyle will look a way to attract people around you. Bright red lipstick with this hairstyle is compulsory to look exceptional. The glamour is right there for you in low maintenance. In this way you don’t have to spend long hour in styling you natural hair. Hairs are protected from heat due to the extensions that is the reason for women’s love towards it.

Ombre Red Braids


14. Grey Hairstyle

To be a trend setter you have to opt for such a ravishing color which no one has tried before. Grey hair back to the crochet braided hairstyle trends. You might have seen Hollywood celebrities with grey hair. The braided hair look very pleasing as there is not any sort of damage to the original hair. Other popular shades include sterling silver, snow white and others.

Grey Braids


15. Curly and Jet Black Hair

Black color has always been admired due to its luster and appeal. The curly black locks when twisted look highly phenomenal. You must have a lighter shade of your dress when flaunting your jet black twists. It’s up to you to have shorter black braids or longer one. In both the cases the extensions appear amazingly natural.

Jet Black Braids


16. Dirty Brownish Look

The brown hairs signify boldness in ones personality. The crochet hairstyles with curly hair suit the dirty brown hair the most. The bouncy and voluminous appearance is very pleasing to the eyes. The brown edges must contrast with red or purple lips. This type of braided hairstyle goes well for young ladies.

Dirty Brownish Braids


17. Dazzling Blue Braids Hairstyle

Bright blue twists will blow your mind in this hairstyle. Many Hollywood celebrities have rocked the stage with this hairstyle. If you want to surprise the people around you then it is a nice way to wear this dazzling blue braids hairstyle.

Dazzling Blue Braids


18. Blonde Braided Hair

The blonde hair has always been in hot trends and now you can see them with crochet braids. If you have curly blonds then the best way is to have braided hair. The fashion lovers would love this hairstyle as it can be a change from the routine looks.

Blonde Braided Hair


19. Purple Hair With a Twist

The women wishing to become attention seekers should pick up the purple color right away. It is a funky color and usually, the women, who go for it, are confident and bold. The wonderful curls in these braids make you an attention seeker. Its shows for adventurous personality so must not miss this hairstyle for the upcoming weekend party.

Purple Hair Braids


20. Voluminous Locks

The women who have thin hair are fond of crochet braids hairstyle and this does not mean that you cannot wear it with thin hair. The best part of it is that the hairs appear to be super voluminous. It is way this hairstyle will boost your confidence naturally. So you don’t have to wait for growing your hair longer because the extensions are very natural and the hairs are managed very well.

Voluminous Locks Braids


21. Crochet Hairstyle With a Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyle has always been in fashion and now the crochet braided hair can also be styled using a ponytail. Whenever you are rushing for work or going to the gym then ponytail is the best solution. Longer hair look very cool in a ponytail and when it is braided look then the entire look become captivating. So the ponytail is a convenient option for styling curly hair.

Ponytail Braid


22. Crochet Braid Updo

When you have these braids then there are unlimited options to style your hair. One such option is to wear a crochet braid updo. It is something unique than the normal looks. You don’t have to put your effort for styling because it is a very easy and manageable hairstyle.

Braid Updo


23. One Sided Crochet Twists

Crochet locks can also be parted towards a single side with their flawless appearance. You will be amazed to see the fluff and volume. Adding any hair accessory is also a smart way to enhance the style. The beautiful hairstyle will be praised by your family and friends definitely. There can also be done one sided cornrow braid to further beautify the appearance.

Sided Braid


24. Layered Twisted Locks

Apart from adding volume to the look when the front section of the hair is layered then the entire then it adds spark in ones personality. In this hairstyle there are layers in the curled hair and the layered crochet braids will add liveliness to your dressing. Different types of shaded can also be added in the hairstyle to make it more attractive.

Layered Twisted Braids


25. Very Long Crochet Braids Hairstyle

Women who love very long hair can fulfill this desire with crochet braids also. This very long braids hairstyle is glamorous for any occasion. In this way the hairs will be controlled and maintained well without any efforts. The side part is a nice way to wear this hairstyle with.

Crochet Braid Hairstyles


Updated: December 13, 2016 — 7:23 pm
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