Crochet Braids a Hairstyle Trend Revived These Days

Crochet braiding is a new trend in hairstyles that makes your hair look voluminous. Another name of these braids is latch hook braids.

It is a perfect style for women who don’t want to sit longer to make individual braids. With this hairstyle the hairs appear as if there are multiple braids done.

This idea of styling your hair is very easy and quick as well. You have crochet braids hairstyle with hairs of various lengths, textures or colors. There is no damage done to the hair because this idea of styling the hair is safe as compared to other styles in which hair are damaged using hair styling tools.

To get started with this hairstyle, you have to begin with cornrows made from your natural hair. After that there are extensions which are attached to the cornrows with the help of crocket hook. This looks absolutely natural. The styles are amazing because you get the perfect look without damaging your natural hair.

Crochet Braids
Many women think that they cannot make attractive hairstyles due to their curly hair but if you are blessed with thick locks then you must go for crochet braids.

These braids can be styled into a number of options like fringes, bob, twisted and so on. If you want to tie them in the high pony tail will look adorable with this kind of braiding.

As you know that thick and voluminous hair create problems to be managed at times but this idea of crochet braids hairstyles is the best to manage your hair in short time. These braids suit equally on long and short hair so you don’t have to wait for them to grow very longer.

This style is latest version of the traditional braids of the early 90s.

…Mostly you will see this style among the African American women who have naturally curly hair. Have you wondered why there is the increasing trend of this crochet braids these days? Every day you observe women with such adorable style of crochet braiding. It’s not about curly or straight hair but curly hair type is considered to be an ideal for crochet braiding.

What are Crochet Braids and Why are They Popular These Days?

Crochet braids is actually a technique used to style the naturally curly hair in which hair extensions are added to achieve the desired look. You can make this style at home very easily because everyone today can make cornrows. So the initial loose cornrows are later attached with the extensions of hair through crochet needle. In this way the hair are secure through a knot.

The popularity of this hairstyle technique is proved by the fact that many Hollywood stars love to have crochet braiding to look absolutely unique. Now due to it’s their immense popularity, black women can confidently move around with their rich locks styled with crochet braiding. There are lots of braiding patterns and crochet hair twists that you can make so that you hairstyle may look more classy.

Crochet Braids

You can take help from the magazines where there are crochet braids pictures with trendy hairstyles. You have to install the extensions very carefully otherwise the final look will not be flawless. If you are hesitating to make this style then there tutorials on the internet will help to learn very easily. You will yourself feel the difference after these crochet braid look which was missing with your previous look.

Trend of Crochet Braids Revived Back

There are unlimited styles made with crochet braiding. You cannot limit your hairstyle if you have curly hair. Then you can enjoy attractive looks with your straight and lustrous. The crochet braids with straight hair are easy to make similar to braids for curly hair. If you want that your face should be framed in such a way that you look smart then this hairstyle technique is best for you. The types of twists and patterns are introduced with so many innovations so that the dream of having voluminous hair is made possible with this easy technique.

Patterns and Twists Involved in Crochet Braiding

When it comes to crochet braiding then many women do not how to style using these braids. Here are some discussed below and with their help you can have adorable looks in an easy way.

Vixen Pattern

this is a braiding pattern in which the hair are divided into four sections and after braiding you can style then in the form of updo, ponytail or free hair. The hairs with vixen braiding don’t hurt at all. Moreover they are a new styling patterns introduced for braiding. You can style the hair through the extensions with vixen pattern of your hair.

Vixen Pattern Braids


Beehive Pattern

If you are a ponytail lover then the beehive pattern is going to suit you well. The hair stylists find it interesting to braid the hair and also there can be added variation like bangs and fringes. The surface is highly flat so that the pattern is easily created. The locks are protected using this pattern otherwise cornrows hurt the hair like hell.

Beehive Pattern


Zig Zag Pattern

The pattern appears to be simple but the separated hair through the layers back and forth to create a phenomenal style. The entire head is covered when there is a knotless crochet braid style. In case of zig zag style, the surface is very straight so it becomes easy to style using knotless hair because it looks completely natural.

Zig Zag Pattern Braids


Straight Backward Pattern

The idea of cornrows is liked by all but here these cornrows are made around the forehead only. The style attractive because the cornrows go backward where you attach the crochet braids. You can have this style with any length of hair. The front hair with bangs can also be a cool idea with this Patten. As these braids go backward so the surface becomes flat to attach the extensions.

Straight Backward Pattern


U Part Cornrows Pattern

As the name suggests that the hairs need to partition in the shape of u so that the natural look is achieved. when braided hair are set back then you can cross the braids over one another giving you lots of parts for crochet braiding. Additional braiding can be done during the u section so that the style becomes realistic in appearance.



Updated: December 8, 2016 — 12:14 pm
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