21 Amazing Boy hair cuts for 2016

Boys are devoted to experimenting their looks and for that, they try various haircuts on them. It’s just because they want to look as perfect as men. Boys wish to look decent and stylish every day. A haircut alone is not enough. You should know that how to style it. They watch their favorite movie stars and tend to make hairstyle similar to them. Now you will observe that it is not an easy job to convince boys with any particular boy hair cuts. They do their best to follow the latest trend in haircuts and hairstyles. These young men are also familiar with hairstyling products that are why they use them in their daily routine.

Today boys would love to visit the salon to get to know about haircuts popular among teens. One day they wear one hairstyle and the next day they have another look. In this way, they feel better because they focus on grooming their looks and personality. If there is a family function or just a party at school, a boy plans to get a parlor look for himself. These include Mohawk, Layered, classic, spikes and other modern haircut styles. It ultimately depends on you that how you want to style your hair after a fresh haircut.

How to manage textured hair for Boy hair cuts?

Many boys have textured hair, but they are not sure to adopt some hairstyles because don’t know how to wear them. It doesn’t depend on the length of your hair. You need to discuss this problem with your barber. He will tell you that there are amazing techniques to add texture in such a way that it looks beautiful with your existing hair type. Usually, a razor is used to texture the hair. In this way, the haircut is not boring at all. Never let you straight hair go down. Add some curls or spirals or cut then into layers to attain a stylish look with a dramatic change.

Hairstyle should match with your facial features

Never choose a hairstyle blindly just because of its madness to look stylish than all others. Whenever you want any hairstyle for yourself, make sure it suitably matches your facial features. It can be possible that the style which you consider dull for you looks phenomenal on you. Young boys are not active enough to consider these factors. There are some styles which are fit for a particular occasion, and you can’t carry them every day. First of all, you need to decide that do you want to keep your hairs short or longer. Once it is decided, then you can add style to it according to your priorities.

Adding color to your hair

It is another style trend to add color to your hair. You can do that in the form of highlights. Just like if you have layers then you can highlight them with any color you want. It looks funky for boys who like fun and style together. It’s not necessary that you only plan for highlights. The lowlights are also liked by many.

You can choose from a range of colors. Don’t get afraid to choose bold and funky colors because this can be the only time in your life to try such versatilities. And don’t go for a boring one either which you have seen with people. Feel independent to choose from a variety of shades of brown, blue, purple, green or any other shade you have planned for yourself. Here are the best boys haircuts 2016.

Long and layered

Many boys still are attracted towards long hair. They love to carry them nicely. Another trend is to add texture with razor blades. The hair should go down half the way over ears. It will be a kind of bang look over the eyebrows. With pin straight hair this haircut is not advisable.

Boy hair cuts

Clean cut

The clean cut gives you a clean look as it is ideal for boys with thin or light textured hair. The wavier hair also looks good with this haircut. The cut once done is easily maintained by anyone. The side parted hairstyle is appropriate with little boy haircuts for straight hair. You can also use hair gel to style your hair.

Boy hair cuts

Messy hairstyle

It is a style that looks as if you have left your bed without combing your hair. The locks are messed up, but you can style then by hair gel.

Boy hair cuts


It has an unusual name; the surfer is suitable for wavy or fine hair. The hair with any texture will be set with the cut. The tapered sides with some longer length at the top look clean. You can also get the shaggy look by adding some layers but don’t make them too short. Never try it for too straight hair.

Boy hair cuts


When your boy has naturally curly hair, then the appropriate cut that suits the locks is to cut them neat around the neck and ears. The top length is 2-3 inches long and once the cutting it was done, you should even them with comb and scissors.

Boy hair cuts

Pixie cut

It is an unusual haircut looks flawless on boys with an oval face shape. You simply stand out in the crowd with your pixie haircut. This cut liked by girls as well.

Boy hair cuts

Faux hawk

This haircut is one of the decent boy hair cuts for boys who want to keep their hair short. The faux cut looks great with short hair. The long hairs are only at the top of the head. You can use clippers when you have to cut your longer hair.

Boy hair cuts

Slicked back

This hairstyle gives you a classic look. Once with your haircut you can easily make this style. One good thing about this look is that it is easy to maintain. Only brush your hair backward as if they are pulled. You can sue some hair gel if you want. If the hairs are short at sides, then it becomes simple to wear.

Boy hair cuts


The modern style of pompadour has become very advanced. The classic look is still with the haircut, but there is an added twist of modernity as well. The sides cut shorter look graceful among boys of every age group.

Boy hair cuts

Emo style

Emo hairstyles are very popular among boys. The haircut for the emo style is usually very controversial or tricky and then it is highlighted with various vibrant shades. There is no rule in this style. It just looks unique and dazzling.

Boy hair cuts


It is one of the versatile haircuts that boys love to have. The style attracts young boys towards itself. It is a kind of little boys haircuts and in this cut the hairs are shorter at sides, and you will see considerable height at the top of the head. It suits every type of hair but if you have thin hair then don’t go for this haircut.

boys hair cuts

Choppy bangs

It is one of the adult haircuts that include bangs. The bangs are chopped for this appearance. It is a fun loving style.

Boy hair cuts

Razor cut with style

Teenage boys love to try something new and unique. They like to make the style in a creative manner that may look trendy in front of others. There are countless options in this haircut. Your barber can make any style you want using his razor. The artistic work looks stylish, and then you stand out in the crowd.

Boy hair cuts

Mohawk with fade cut

Mohawk has been an all time favorite cut among boys. If you have straight hair, then you can still go for a Mohawk, but that has to be fade. You can add flares because of the Fade in this cut.

Boy hair cuts

The wet look

There are some hairstyles which need then gelled for the final appearance. If you are spikes or long layers, then it is right to use hair gel to style your hair. In this way, the strands will remain in their place, and no mess is created.

Boy hair cuts

Classic comb

It is also famous with the name; side part. The tapered hairs are the best choice for the style. The classic style is good for any school boy or a teen boy.

Boy hair cuts

Spikes look

Many boys like spiky hair look. With the side part of your hair, you need to maintain a suitable height then apply some hair gel to set the look. Then the appearance becomes perfect.

Boy hair cuts

Short Afro

It is one of the black men and black boys haircuts that has a style because it enhances your facial features. Young people with round face should go for this hairstyle. With thick natural curls, you can wear this style very quickly.

Boy hair cuts

Reversed layers

This haircut is very simple. Go for a simple haircut in the beginning and then give them a little height. Brush the hair in the backward direction. The straight edge along the sides is simple like a pompadour. Teens will love this hairstyle.

Boy hair cuts

Shaved sides

The top sides of the hair are shaved off completely. When you grow your facial hair, then they look decent with the cut sides. The top hairs are spiky with some hair gel. It is ideal for young boys.

Boy hair cuts

Caesar cut

This cut is an appropriate hairstyle for short boy haircuts that have the long shape of their face. A few short bangs look sleek and stylish.

Boy hair cuts


Updated: May 24, 2016 — 8:08 pm
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