Avoid Eating Carbs In Banana: My Trainer Suggested

Bananas contain vitamins and essential minerals which make it as a healthy snack. If you are starving or had a rough day, then eat a banana as a snack. It helps to change your mood and provide you the essential nutrients present in it. They are good and healthy for body and mind. However, many fitness trainers suggest and recommend to avoid eating it because of the carbs in bananas. They are not good for too fat and overweight persons.

carbs in banana


A banana of medium size contains almost 110 calories and 27 grams of carbs. Individuals who are trying to lose weight from a long time, all the dietitians and trainers suggest them to cut off the carbs in their diet and lose weight more efficiently. However carbs are vital in the diet, they keep you full for a longer time and contains some advantages as well.
The carbohydrates in banana also provide some amount of fiber and starch which provides a human body a suitable amount of magnesium, vitamin, and potassium.

carbs in banana

Some facts

Following are the some essential facts about bananas which are helpful. You must add bananas in your diet, just limit the intake of calories because a regular sized banana contains 110 calories. carbs in banana

  • If you will take at least one medium sized banana a day it proves to be very portable snack for you. They are quick to digest and does not contain many fats. For most healthy and overweight person’s one banana is a full meal diet for them.
  • They are a superb source of fiber and protein. So it is best pre or post workout snacks.
  • If you suffer from any muscle injury or tissue breakup, then bananas help you to recover fast because the carbs, potassium, and magnesium present in bananas help to you to provide an adequate amount of essential nutrients.
  • If you want to cut off the carbs in banana, then go for green bananas.
  • One medium-size banana contains enough amount of sugar for your body which helps you get enough amount of sugar for a day.

Can I still eat a banana?

Be sure that you are consuming enough amount of sugar and carbohydrates while eating a banana. It is advised to modify your snack with full and rich protein diet. So never have more amount of carbohydrate alone. If you are losing weight, then add peanut butter or hard boiled egg white and eat a banana. The egg will provide you sufficient amount of protein; peanut butter will provide an adequate amount of fat while banana will keep you full from the carbohydrates present in it. Just eat your favorite fruit but balance your diet.

carbs in banana


It is somehow true that cutting out carbs from the essential and fresh fruits is not the only solution to losing weight. All you have to do is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Instead of cutting off carbs from banana, limit the intake of calories from your diet and it is the best way to maintain your weight.

Updated: May 3, 2016 — 12:32 pm

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