16 Best Asian Men Hairstyles You Cannot Resist

People who belong to different regions of the world have different facial features, hair types, and different skin texture. Asian men also have distinct features and a unique hair texture which are totally opposite to the people of Africa and America. Most of the people who belong to Asia have smooth, soft, straight and silky hair. Some people have wavy hair as well but the people with curly hair or those who have spring curls are seen rarely. Therefore Asian men hairstyles are unlimited. Asian people have voluminous hair so they can adopt any hairstyle they want and their haircut rock because their hair is naturally beautiful.

Asian Men Hairstyles

You need to understand that fashion is not limited to clothes and accessories but it’s all about how you carry yourself and how you look amazing with the best hairstyle. A hairstyle reflects the personality and it can draw the attention of people towards you. It’s up to you that you choose the best hairstyle for you or stick to the old haircuts. This article reveals top 16 Asian men hairstyles that are the source of inspiration for others.

16 Best Asian Men Hairstyles for 2017

  • #1. Short and Spiky Hairstyle
  • #2. Medium Spikes
  • #3. Fringe up Hairstyle
  • #4. Side Sweep Hairstyle
  • #5. Pompadour Haircut
  • #6. Classic Short Hairstyle
  • #7. Slicked Backed Hairstyle
  • #8. Tiny Ponytail Hairstyle
  • #9. Emo Hairstyle
  • #10. Messy Hairstyle
  • #11. Curly Asian Hairstyle
  • #12. Short Pompadour
  • #13. Classic Fade Haircut
  • #14. Undercut Hairstyle
  • #15. Long layered Hairstyle
  • #16. Mohawk Haircut

#1. Short and Spiky Hairstyle

The personality of men is groomed now and now every man wants to look different from the other. These days every person loves to experiment new haircuts and new products on his hair. Short hairstyles for men are becoming trendy and short and spiky hairstyles are being adopted by every other guy. Although spiky hairstyles were most popular in the nineties but these days we notice that spiky hairstyles are liked by men of every age and their trend never fades away. You need to use some styling products such as hair gel and hair wax to keep you spikes in place. This hairstyle gives you edgy look and textured hair works best.

Asian men hairstyles

#2. Medium Spikes

Spikes are perfect for any hair length whether short or medium but those who love to have a new style should go for medium spikes especially with thick hair. Amazing textures can be given to the spikes with the help of a styling product.

Asian men hairstyles


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#3. Fringe up Hairstyle

The year twenty fifteen was all about fringe hairstyles and this year the trend is still hot. Have you ever noticed that stylish models wear fringe up hairstyles in catwalks of different fashion shows? If you have thin hair then fringe hairstyle will give you fuller appearance and in the case of fuller face, the fringe up hairstyle will balance your cheeks. So it is for everyone and included in one of the modern Asian hairstyles men.

Asian men hairstyles

#4. Side Sweep Hairstyle

Side sweep is another lovely hairstyle which doesn’t require expensive products for maintenance. It is a low-cost hairstyle in which sides are shaved and the top section is brushed to one side of the head. Wearing glasses can add spice to your overall personality and makes you stand out in the crowd. This haircut is common among sports personalities and other celebrities belong to the entertainment industry. If you want simple haircut then you must consider this hairstyle.

Asian men hairstyles

#5. Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour haircut is only for Asian men because of volume in their hair. It is a funky style which gives you youthful look and pompadour is the perfect hairstyle for college going boys. You can consider wearing this style for the party or any event. In this hairstyle, the sides are shaved but the hair on the top keeps long which add volume to the hair. You can adopt pompadour haircut whether you have curly hair or wavy hair. If you want a mature appearance then you can wear glasses as well.

Asian men hairstyles

#6. Classic Short Hairstyle

People who belong to countries like Korea are known for their thick hair so they should go for the classic short haircut because it is simple, classic and graceful hairstyle for Asian men who have thick hair. It is an ideal haircut for the casual look because it is perfect for business and office going men.

Asian men hairstyles

#7. Slicked Backed Hairstyle

It is among the traditional hairstyles which are famous from ages and it is an ideal hairstyle for Asian men who don’t want to have very short hair and want to wear traditional hairstyle. It is similar to slicked back but it looks great with faded haircut. This haircut is ideal for those men who have naturally straight hair.

Asian men hairstyles

#8. Tiny Ponytail Hairstyle

It is a fun hairstyle which defines the personality of men who has bold personality. If you are one of the people who want casual appearance then you need to maintain your hair length and then medium hair are held at the back using a pony or hair band.

Asian men hairstyles

#9. Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyles are considered as romantic Asian hairstyles men and Emo style is such style that is loved by men and women of young age. It is a haircut which gives you an opportunity to be noticed by so many people. You can use hair products to set your hair and also style as brush back or to the sides. You need to use a hair gel to keep your hair in place.

Asian men hairstyles

#10. Messy Hairstyle

If you are one of those men reached to middle age and want to look young then this haircut is for you. Messy hairstyle will soften your facial features but you need to use hair gel and other hair styling products to keep your hair in place. After that, you can easily set your hair with fingers.

Asian men hairstyles

#11. Curly Asian Hairstyle

Curly Asian hairstyle is another amazing hairstyle for those who have naturally curly or wavy hair. You can also create some hot spikes with the use of hair gel. This haircut is currently trending at the top for Asian men hairstyles. It is easy, quick and fun haircut which is affordable as well. If you have natural looking curls then you can wear this haircut and it goes best in combination with fashionable clothes and jacket leather. It gives you a feeling of the school kid and young person.

Asian men hairstyles

#12. Short Pompadour

Short pompadour is celebrity hairstyle in which hair on the top of the head is curled to one side. Your barber will usually trim the sides and gives faded design so that the haircut looks more prominent. You can also wear black glasses so that you feel like a big star and be noticed among the crowd. Moreover, it also gives you a businessman appearance.

Asian men hairstyles

#13. Classic Fade Haircut

It is the short haircut and when the gel is applied on the hair it gives a look of the 80s. The sides and back of the head are trimmed with a trimmer and then the length of hair increases as we go on the top of the head. You can enhance this hairstyle by having light facial hair then you look more enhanced.

Asian men hairstyles

#14. Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle is another great addition to the top trending Asian hairstyles men. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can adopt this style in variety of ways but the basic idea should be same. If you are considering a good haircut for this summer then you can consider a cool undercut hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for working men because it requires little maintenance. In this one, you need to have medium hair on the top of the head while sides and back are fading. The hairs are completely cut when reached towards the edge of the hairline. It is a clean and office going hairstyle for working men.

Asian men hairstyles

#15. Long layered Asian Men Hairstyle

As we all know that majority of Asian men have straight and thick hair. If you have the potential to grow your hair long then you can transform your hair into different hairstyles and different hair designs and it is also possible to customize your hair. You can use hair gel to maintain your hair because the gel holds the hair together and when the hair are brushed backward then it adds style to your looks.

Asian men hairstyles

#16. Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk haircut is one of the most followed and searched haircuts and it is especially popular among Asian men. In this haircut sides of the head are shaved while the hair on top is kept long which runs from forehead to the top. Basically, there are two main types of Mohawk hairstyles which are full Mohawk and Mohawk. It is best hairstyles for young boys who want to make their impact on others. If you want to ensure that Mohawk hairstyle remains set for a long time then you need to apply good hair gel because the gel will set hair together. You can further make enhancements in the hairstyle by adding colors and textures of hair. Mohawk is the popular Asian men hairstyles and it is most common in celebrities and sports personalities.

Asian men hairstyles

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