African American Bob Hairstyles 2017

These are the days to have new and attractive hair looks every day. One day for has straight hair and the next day its time for thick bouncy curls. The trend of bob hairstyle is back again with its charm. No matter if you light or shorter hair, you can still have any of these flawless hairstyles. The best thing about these bob hairstyles is that they are beautified with bangs that can be styled in any way you want. There are also so many techniques that will help you to add volume to your bob cut naturally. With our usual bob, you can style your hair in a professional manner.  Here is the collection of 16 breathtaking bob hairstyles for the year 2017 to give you a celebrity look.

Bob Hairstyles

African American Bob Hairstyles 2017

The African American bob hairstyles are back with its charm in 2017.


  • #1. Black Pixie Bob with Tapered Sides
  • #2. Modern Edgy Bob
  • #3. Messed Up Wave With Bangs
  • #4. Side Swept Bob
  • #5. Blunt Bob With Bangs
  • #6. Voluminous Bob
  • #7. Blunt Bob Hair
  • #8. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Cut
  • #9. Classical Bob
  • #10. Chopped And Flirty Bob
  • #11. Layered Cut Bob Style
  • #12. Choppy Bob With Bangs
  • #13. Tousled Bob Hairstyle
  • #14. Colorful Inverted Bob
  • #15. Bob With Loose Waves
  • #16. Graduated Bob With Layers

#1. Black Pixie Bob with Tapered Sides

  • Flawless black pixie is always there to be admired due to the thick curls that are tapered along the sides.
  • You hair will get volume at the front making you look a super model at the end of the day.
  • This hairstyle look suits black women having textured hair.
  • It can be maintained very easily.
Black Pixie Bob With Tapered Sides


#2. Modern Edgy Bob

In an edgy bob hairstyle, the hair is cut at various angles to create stylish edges.

It is a modern hair look that is liked by women who are experimental to their hair.

The sides can be curled to create something contemporary.

Even the highlights are themselves enough to make a glam personality.

Modern Edgy Bob


#3. Messed Up Wave With Bangs

You must have observed the increasing trends of rough and casual hairstyle look in bob hairstyles.

Waves have become part and parcel in a bob cut.

There are bangs in this cut so that the front part is stylish along with the rest of the messed up look.

Messed Up Wave With Bangs


#4. Side Swept Bob

  • If you are in search of an adorable look then you must try the bob with side swept.
  • This style will make you prettier because it is something unusual from your routine look.
  • With thin and straight hair, it becomes more adorable.
Side Swept Bob


#5. Blunt Bob With Bangs

You would not leave this look at any cost because it highlights your facial features.

The bangs give a softer look to your face and the smoothness of hair will create more impact when they are curled.

Blunt Bob With Bangs


#6. Voluminous Bob

This style is a natural way to add volume to your hair along with the layers.

The bob cut is itself something extraordinary and with voluminous bob your entire look becomes admirable.

Voluminous Bob


#7. Blunt Bob Hair

  • Blunt bob is something formal with long lasting impact.
  • It is selected by women who are to attend formal business meetings in their work routine.
  • You can have it with ant formal dress of your choice.
  • An added advantage is that this cut is easy to maintain because all you have to do is a little brushing and you are done.
Blunt Bob Hair


#8. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Cut

Asymmetrical bob becomes a nice style for an outdoor gathering.

There can be lots of variations in this look as the waves give you more options to style your hair.

The rumpled hairs have become a thing of fashion and style today. So you must try this style to stand out uniquely in crowd around you.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Cut


#9. Classical Bob

Women with natural straight hair look phenomenal in this hairstyle.

There are gradual layers done to this cut in such a way that the front has the longest layers.

Gradually, the lengths of layers decease as you move to the back.

This look softens the face and you look with younger and fresh.

Classical Bob


#10. Chopped And Flirty Bob

  • It is also one of the chopped bob hairstyles with layers.
  • It is shorter than other bob haircuts but the length of hair depends upon you.
  • Highlights with any color look flawless in this hairstyle.
  • If you have thin hair then it is a wonderful idea to try this look.
Chopped And Flirty Bob


#11. Layered Cut Bob Style

It is a super cool bob hairstyle that includes layers. These layers will frame your face naturally.

Furthermore, this messed up hairstyle has become a trend setter these days.

Layers with a side part are something stunning for a fashionista.

Layered Cut Bob Style


#12. Choppy Bob With Bangs

This look is simply for beauties with bold and blunt personality.

The choppy cut adds dimensions to ones face and goes well for those who want a casual outlook.

You can go for highlights in this choppy bob so that there appears a spark in your personality.

Choppy Bob With Bangs


#13. Tousled Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle forms a classy look which is mixed up with messy texture.

It suits perfectly on thin or lighter hair.

The best thing is that the length of the hair is medium so you can prefer this look very easily.

Tousled Bob Hairstyle


#14. Colorful Inverted Bob

  • Girls are lively so they are interested to add these colors to their hairstyles as well.
  • For a long lasting appearance you must dye your hair using your favorite colors.
  • So in this way the colored inverted bob having bangs will do wonders.
Colorful Inverted Bob


#15. Bob With Loose Waves

Women with light hair have a smart option to opt for loose waves with their bob cut.

To give it a modern appeal man women like to have their hair treated with various colors or hues just to create a versatile look.

It is also another way of giving volume to your lighter hair with the help of colored hair.

Bob With Loose Waves


#16. Graduated Bob With Layers

  • Many women wonder that how they can achieve a voluminous hair look simply with a bob haircut. It is a crazy question.
  • You can easily give volume to your hair simply by adding layers in the middle of back of the head which will create a bouffant look along with hair graduated using layers.
  • Hair highlights are there to add charm to our entire appearance.
Graduated Bob With Layers


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